...and Moving into the Future

Speaker Date: May 28, 2021

This past year for educational institutions across the country has been an adventure in uncharted waters. Nothing could have prepared University Presidents, staff and faculty to preplan for such a year. As the Covid-19 virus began in spread last March there were a lot of mix messages about how to respond.

Fortunately, the school year was nearing the end of the academic year before the full blunt of the virus hit. Universities began to plan during the summer again without clear directions on the full impact of the virus.

The reality of the full impact of response had universities facing dramatic financial expenses and the reduction of revenues from online learning-refund of housing fees and meal plans. You also had students postponing their attendance. It was a perfect storm that no one could have anticipated and had a plan for dealing with such an event.

President Lugo will share with us Queens’ respond and how the University plans to chart a course for the future.

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Danial G. Lugo, J.D., President, Queens University

Daniel G. Lugo, J.D. began his service as President of Queens University of Charlotte on July 1, 2019. He previously served in key leadership roles at three top ranked liberal arts institution:
Colby College, vice President for college advancement
Franklin & Marshal College, vice President and dean of admissions and financial aid
Carlton College, associate dean of admissions

Carleton College-BA degree

University of Minnesota-J.D. degree

Prior to his degree in higher education, President Lugo was an intellectual property and entertainment attorney, representing national music musical artists.