2024 Senior Scholars Board Members


President: Jane Howard*

First Vice President: Steve Lauer* 

Second Vice President: Kathy* & Tom Gray

Treasurer: Glenn Paton*

Assistant Treasurer: Dave Collins (Votes based on At-Large Director)

Secretary: Ruth McDevitt*

Immediate Past Presidents:

Len Norman* (2023)

Steve Gilbert* (2022)

Don Campbell (2021)

At-Large Directors:

Term Expires 2024: Alan Matthews*, Carol Kesmodel*, Carlos Glender*

Term Expires 2025: Aimee Hite*, Pam Nemecek*, Dave Collins*

Term Expires 2026: Ollie Frazer*, John Koch*, Kristan Smith*

* Votes on Board Motions

Board Information

Note: Until further notice meetings will be held via online video conference.

* * * *

Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Director Meeting Minutes are available to current board members.

To access the meeting minutes, you will need your Member ID. Access to the page is granted by the SSaQ Secretary. Click the button below to view the meeting minutes.

Meeting Minutes are updated monthly.