Senior Scholars is on
Summer Break
Join Us 10am September 9, 2022

Meetings are held at Wolfe Hall, PUMC: 2810 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211

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To broaden your intellectual perspective and improve your understanding of international, national, and local issues and subjects of interest.


“What a great idea to allow digital access to retirement venues.” “Thanks for the great speakers and the upscale digital access.” Member E.S March 14, 2022

“You’re doing a great community service each time you meet.”  Speaker Katherine “Kate” Palmer Kaup, James B Duke Professor of Asian Studies and Politics and International Affairs Furman University January 21, 2022

From all members and the Board of Senior Scholars: Sincerest thanks to our members who continue to donate to the organization either in a direct donation from the Membership page or by adding a donation to their dues renewal. Your positive comments about the continued value of the organization are especially gratifying to the volunteers that keep the organization going! 

“I’m so grateful to the Senior Scholars leaders for Friday mornings at 10:00.  The technology that brings to us the outstanding speakers is a true gift!  Thank you — all of you!” Member A.A. March 4, 2021

“…  I wanted to reach out with a belated thank you for extending your invitation for me to be part of Senior Scholars. I am amazed by the reach of your audience!  We keep hearing from people who participated.  I am so grateful for your willingness to provide the space and time for me to talk about the issue I am most passionate about.  I hope you are well and hope our paths will cross again…..” Liz Roof Above, February 2021