North Carolina’s Energy Future – An Independent Perspective on Duke Energy’s Transition to Zero-Carbon

Speaker Date: October 20, 2023

Duke Energy, community stakeholders, and the NC Utilities Commission engaged in 2023 to produce the latest Carbon Plan and Integrated Resource Plan for energy generation through the year 2050.

This energy transition is complex and costly, but also necessary. It will impact us all and revolutionize NC’s energy infrastructure.

This addresses:
• background — how we got to here
• key features of the plan and its execution process
• exciting new technologies
• impact on consumers and citizens.

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John Gaertner
Consultant, Energy and Environment


John Gaertner is a consultant on climate change and energy. As a technical advisor to Charlotte Mecklenburg Climate Leaders, he has analyzed Duke Energy’s generation planning since 2020 and authored a review of their Climate Strategy with the full support of Duke Energy.

He participated in workshops on hydrogen infrastructure, power needs for electric vehicles, and other regional energy issues. John is retired from Electric Power Research Institute as Technical Executive.

He was Senior Vice President of ERIN Engineering and Research, and was an Engineer and Atmospheric Scientist with Duke Energy.

John holds MS degree in Atmospheric Science from MIT, BS in Physics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and was a Professional Engineer in North Carolina.