Preserve Mecklenburg – a Vital Tool with Dr. Dan Morrill, Administrator Preserve Mecklenburg

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Preserve Mecklenburg’s recent successes include saving from demolition large colonial homes in Plaza Midwood and Foxcroft and a small former grocery store in the historically Black Washington Heights neighborhood.  Particularly innovative is an effort underway to preserve the Elizabeth Lawrence Garden near Winghaven.  An adjoining house will be purchased and sold with easements to control its height […]

Mindfulness in Daily Living with Lindsay Bridges, MD, Charlotte Center for Mindfulness

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In our time together, we explore a bit of the science behind why mindfulness is such a helpful skill to cultivate and how it can lead to greater confidence, ease and sense of well-being right in the midst of life’s realities.  We will then practice a few simple mindfulness skills that can be incorporated into […]

Police Culture and Practices after George Floyd with Mr. Brent Foushee

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The subtitle of a photographic exposition by E. Mackey currently at the Gantt Center, “Views from the Front Lines in the War for Black Lives,” calls attention to the problem. If you watch the news, you’ve heard the now familiar cry at the protests Mackey documented: “Say their names!” Mackey’s project began after Ahmaud Arbery […]

Lunch Bunch – register to join others for lunch after our speaker!

Lunch Bunch groups are meeting again - this month!  Lunch Bunch is a gathering of Senior Scholars, after our Friday speaker’s talk, at a nearby restaurant.  It’s a great way to make new friends and enjoy old friends.  The next meetup is Friday, Oct 29 - registration required. If interested email:

2022 Curriculum Committee Meeting with Host Len Norman – November

Senior Scholars Members, do you have speakers you would like to hear or topics you would like to learn more about at upcoming weekly meetings? If so, please join us to share your ideas at the Curriculum Committee meeting on Wednesday October 13, 2021 at 1:00 pm.  To request a Zoom link to the meeting, […]

Philanthropy Response to Covid 19, Racial Justice and the Future of our Community with Dr. Michael Marsicano President and CEO Foundations for the Carolinas

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The last 18 months living with Covid was like no other period of time in modern memory-desperation, isolation, fear, sadness. While it was a period of tragedy, it was also a period of compassion and generosity from philanthropy responses. Going forward, this Covid period will have a profound impact on our community, our nation and […]

The Transformation of American Politics with Dr. David Goldfield

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The nation’s founders did not contemplate political parties.  In fact, they viewed such factions as potentially dangerous to the American experiment.  Yet, we have them.  But the parties themselves have hardly been permanent institutions.  The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans battled against each other for nearly three decades after the framing of the Constitution in 1787. […]