Sorting Out Charlotte

Speaker Date: May 26, 2023

Today’s top local issues — school boundaries, affordable housing, gentrification — are often shaped by Charlotte’s neighborhood geography. How did Charlotte develop its current “wedge and crescent” pattern of wealth in the south, less prosperity across the center of the county? Community historian Dr. Tom Hanchett returns to explore that sometimes surprising story, based on the 2020 second edition of his history of Charlotte, Sorting Out the New South City.

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Tom Hanchette
PhD History, Local Historian


Hello – historian Tom here! The Charlotte history book I’ll mention is at Park Road Books or Amazon:
Also check out this website with Charlotte food tips, history tours etc:

Dr. Tom Hanchett is a popular community historian in Charlotte. Educated at Cornell, U of Chicago and UNC Chapel Hill, he is best known as author of Sorting Out the New South City, a history of Charlotte just published in a new Second Edition from UNC Press. He served as staff historian at Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte before retiring in 2016. He writes widely on Southern history and culture, including studies of Rosenwald Schools, country music in North Carolina, and immigrant foodways in today’s Charlotte.