Living with an Aging Brain

Speaker Date: November 18, 2022

In this talk, Dr. Edwards will explore themes of adaptation and growth as our brains change, and how to embrace those changes with positivity and flexibility. 

A masterful storyteller, Dr. Edwards blends his own experience with stories of patients and the scientific context for cognitive changes with a healthy dose of humor.

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Dr. Charles H. Edwards II MD
Founding Physician and Staff Historian


Book: Much Abides: A Survival Guide for Aging Lives, by Dr. Charles H. Edwards

Dr. Charles H. Edwards is the founding physician of Memory & Movement Charlotte. After 30 years as a cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Edwards developed a tremor in his hand that compelled him to embrace a different medical specialty. Deeply affected by caring for his parents, both of whom had dementia, he completed dementia care training at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore and returned to establish MMC in 2013.

The non-profit medical practice treats patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and related disorders – and also treats their caregivers. The practice develops a care plan for each family that includes clinical treatment, education and emotional support – and a commitment to providing the time and attention required to navigate every step of the complex journey ahead.