Great Decisions Topic: Who are Climate Refugees?

Speaker Date: January 27, 2023

Despite widespread acknowledgement of the growing connection between climate change and migration, there are currently no legal protections in international or US law for people displaced by climate change.

This presentation explores historical, political, and ethical issues surrounding climate migration though shared experiences of people around the world who have been most impacted by a changed, and changing world.

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Tina Shull
Director of Public History,
UNC Charlotte


Tina Shull, PhD, is an assistant professor and Director of Public History at UNC Charlotte, specializing in foreign relations, immigration enforcement, and climate migration in the modern US and World.

She holds a PhD in History from UC Irvine, a Master’s in Humanities from NYU, and a BA in History from UCLA.

Her new book from UNC Press, Detention Empire, explores the rise of immigration detention since the 1980s.

Shull is the creator of the digital history project Climate Refugee Stories, and has been awarded grants from NC Humanities, National Geographic, Open Society Foundations, and the University of California Critical Refugee Studies Collective.

In 2018-20, Shull was a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University where she taught in the Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights unit.


Digital History Project Website:

Book: Detention Empire: Reagan’s War on Immigrants and the Seeds of Resistance (UNC Press, 2022)