Great Decisions Topic: Myanmar and ASEAN

Speaker Date: January 21, 2022

“ASEAN” is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Great Decisions topic
The situation in Myanmar including the coup by the military in February 2021 and the ongoing human rights crises coupled with civil resistance by those opposed to the regime, has led to chaos in the Southeast Asian country.

How are neighboring countries reacting, and what role will ASEAN play?

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Dr. Katherine "Kate' Kaup
James B Duke Professor of Asian Studies and Politics and International Affairs Furman University


Dr. Katherine “Kate” Palmer Kaup, Chair of Asian Studies Department and Furman Faculty, Furman University: Dr. Kaup’s is the James B. Duke Professor of Asian Studies and Political Science at Furman University in Greenville SC where she has been teaching since 1997. She also is a Director of The Riley Institute’s China Programs. Dr.Kaup also serves as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of two Universities in China. Her research focuses on ethnic minorities, rule of law, and human rights development in China. She also serves on several National Commissions dealing with China.

B.A. Princeton University
M.A. and Ph.D. in Government and Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia

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