Speaker Date: Feb. 12, 2021

China’s relationship with Africa cannot be separated from the continent’s own fraught history of anti-colonial struggle.

In the 1950s China had just achieved its own communist victory and Africa was struggling against both European colonial occupation and broader Western attempts at neo-colonial control. China emerged as a prominent supporter of Africa’s anti-colonial struggle during this era.  While China’s subsequent relationship with Africa was quite different, this early era set the parameters that have structured the relationship to this day.

From this base China has used its financial and non-financial policies support to embed itself as a major player of all that takes place in Africa’s development. During this period many of US policies were not helpful in thwarting China’s influence and in the US getting a foothold as a major player in Africa.

Dr.Royden will provide us with the background of China’s inroads in Africa and outline what the United States needs to do to advance our influence in this important region.

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Alexa Royden, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Political Science & Sociology Department,Queens University


Dr. Alexa Royden teaches World Politics, Chinese Politics, Contemporary American Foreign Policy, International Human Rights, International Terrorism

Her Research interest include global governance, international organization, international security, nonproliferation, and human rights


Ph.D., International Relations, University of St. Andrews

M.A., International Affairs, George Washington University

B.A., Rollins College