Speaker Date: March 12, 2021

When trouble strikes, Dr. Katie Passaretti counsels, “Look for the people that are running into the fire and are trying to do good.” She would know because when infectious diseases threaten Charlotte she is among the first to respond.

Six years ago she rushed in the middle of the night to the hospital when colleagues suspected a newly admitted patient might be suffering from Ebola. “These diseases are going to change,” she points out. “They are going to keep coming.”

Fortunately, Dr. Passaretti has not changed. During the Covid-19 pandemic she has led the charge locally and nationally against rampant misinformation, some of it politically motivated. One of her greatest gifts, her colleagues maintain, is her ability to explain complicated issues to the general public.

She’ll use that gift to talk with us about how much we’ve learned about Covid in the past year and what we hope to learn in the year to come.

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Dr. Katie Passaretti, Atrium

Katie Passaretti, MD, serves as the Medical Director of Infection Prevention for CMC and is an attending physician in the Department of Internal Medicine at Atrium Health. Dr. Passaretti is board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases. She is a member of the Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America.. She has a special interest in multidrug resistant organisms, healthcare associated infections, the environmental contribution to transmission of drug resistant organisms and the impact of public reporting.