Great Decisions Topic: Changing Demographics

April 29, 2022


The world experienced remarkable demographic changes in the 20th century that continue today and have resulted in far reaching social, economic, political and environmental consequences all over the globe. These consequences are creating mounting challenges to development efforts, security, climate, and the environment, as well as the sustainability of human populations.

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Dr. Michael Ewers, Assistant Professor University of North Carolina at Charlotte

M.A.  in Geography: Ohio State University
Ph.D. in Geography, Ohio State University

Dr. Ewers specializes in migration, globalization and economic geography.  He is a human geographer and interdisciplinary social scientist. His research examines the human dimensions of international economic development, including processes of migration, employment and urbanization. While his research is situated in a global context, his regional specialization is in the Middle East.

Prior to joining UNC Charlotte in 2019, Dr. Ewers worked as a Research Associate Professor and Senior Policy Analyst at Qatar University’s Social and Economic Survey Research Institute Before that Dr. Ewers worked as an Assistance Professor at Texas A&M University.