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Not long after the pandemic began, the Board of Directors decided that Senior Scholars would waive 2021 dues for continuing members who paid dues in 2020 (as evidenced by possession of an orange membership card). If you are in that group, or if you first joined in 2021, you’re a member in good standing. If not, we’re hoping you’ll return to the fold by completing the Online Membership Renewal Form and paying the $20 renewal fee via PayPal.

Please do not send dues for 2022 at this time.

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Invest in Senior Scholars

Founded in 1973, Senior Scholars is an organization for individuals 50 years and older. Members and their guests meet weekly during each program year to hear prominent speakers on a variety of interesting topics. 

Senior Scholars was founded as an all volunteer organization and currently serves 900+ members. 

If you would like to support our mission, donations can be made either by sending a check (instructions are on this Donation Form or by clicking the Donate button below to pay with PayPal (a PayPal account is not required). 

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