Will You Consider Helping as a Volunteer?

Help us return to Wolfe Hall – helped needed this summer only. A small number of Volunteers are needed to sit in the audience, ask questions and possibly fill a speaking role to assist our AV team as they position & test camera’s that will be used to stream our Wolfe Hall events to our members viewing via Zoom.

Email: volunteers@seniorscholars.net if you need more information or have questions.

Technical Aide – You love to speak in PowerPoint and Zoom.  You know that USB is not the same as HDMI.  You may have been in your high school Audiovisual Club a few years ago.  That’s it, we will fill-in all the rest you need to know.

Email Aide – You like to use graphics and color to make your own messages interesting, and you’re a stickler for detail. You’re creative and open to learning about our e-mail software.

Website Aide – You admire good website design. You’re creative and interested in learning about our web design software.  We will provide any training that you need.

Outreach/ Marketing Leader – You love telling Charlotte organizations and outlets what Senior Scholars is all about.  You enjoy convincing community websites to mention Senior Scholar events.

Let’s Talk Host – You like meeting new friends and will lead (via Zoom) a group of 4-5 Senior Scholars to discuss past Senior Scholar presentations, the latest news on COVID, and what’s going-on around us.