Senior Scholars is an all volunteer organization and needs your help

Program Managers – The Curriculum Committee is looking for two volunteers to be program managers to help identify and recruit speakers.  One person will be responsible for the Arts (art, music, literature, popular culture, cinema, theater, art history and entertainment) and the other for Health (fitness, health, exercise, disease management, medical history and developments.).  Volunteers should have a strong interest in the specific topic area, relevant work or volunteer experience and contacts leading to potential speakers. This will be a multi-year commitment.  If interested, please contact Len Norman, Curriculum Chair at by December 1, 2021.

Technical Aide – The team that brings you Zoom presentations needs additional volunteers to be backup to the existing members or bring new ideas to the team. Training provided. The time commitment varies depending on the role that interests you.

Email Aide – The team that sends the weekly and special notice emails is looking for someone who likes to use graphics and color to make your own messages interesting, and you’re a stickler for detail. You’re creative and open to learning about our e-mail software. Training provided. Requires ~30 minutes per week.

Website Aide – No experience needed to learn how to make website updates – we will provide any training that you need. Time commitment varies depending on how much time you wish to contribute and could be as little as 20 minutes per week.

Outreach/ Marketing Leader – You love telling Charlotte organizations and outlets what Senior Scholars is all about.  You enjoy convincing community websites to mention Senior Scholar events. The time commitment varies depending on the role that interests you.

Membership Team – If you prefer to help from home – assistance updating the membership database is needed. If you like to work “at the front of the house” additional volunteers to man the Membership Table (when we return to in-person) are needed.