Senior Scholars Committees

Curriculum Committee

Help determine topics and locate/contact speakers for our meetings. Periodic meetings scheduled.

Curriculum Chair: Len Norman, First Vice President 
Great Decisions: Ken Brown

Program Managers:
Science –
Carlos Glender
Arts – Open
Health – Open

Social Committee & Moderator Volunteers

Arrive before Friday meetings to help prepare, set up and (later) clean up coffee and tea service for members. Volunteers rotate one meeting per month.

Board Chair: Carol Kesmodel

Wildacres Retreat Committee

Our annual spring learning (and social) retreat in the lovely North Carolina Mountains. An engaging speaker leads several learning sessions. There are also social get-togethers, including a voluntary member talent show. Committee members primarily assist in proposing/contacting speakers and leading onsite social activities. Periodic meetings scheduled.

Committee Chairs:  Jim Gronquist & Jeanne Smith

Membership & Directory Committee

Help prior to Friday meetings to enroll new members and renew existing members.

Board Chair: Pam Nemecek
  Database: Sue Gill, Sophie Marshall; Support: Bob Metzler

Website & Email Committee

Create and maintain a member website including researching best technical solutions. Assist Technical Services with surveys and support during virtual meetings.

Maintain an email database, create and send membership email communication. 

Board Chair: Mitzi Czapla
Co Chair: Aimee Hite

Member Email Distribution: Chris Pouler 

Website Administrator: Open

Technical Services Committee

Run Virtual Zoom Webinars, edit recordings and operate audio/visual equipment during meetings. 

Board Chair: Gordon Haymond

Co Chair: Alan Matthews

With assistance from Jin Wang, Bill Nemecek & Ollie Frazier

Production of the Speaker and Announcement Slide decks: Aimee Hite

Nominating Committee

Board Chair: Don Campbell
Members: Chairs of: Membership, Technical, Website & Wildacres Committees

Field Trip Committee

Help with planning and leading periodic outings.

Board Chair: John Ferguson

Venue Liaison

 Board Chair: John Koch

Lunch Bunch Committee

    Board Chair: BG Metzler

Queens Liaison

    Bob Metzler – Senior Scholars

    Robert Koch, Sr – Queens University


    Board Chair: Jane Howard (Second Vice President), with Don Campbell, Teresa Robertson, and Jim Laseter

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Committee Information Sessions

Join a Zoom meeting to get more information on select Committees.

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Each meeting is 9-9:45 am.

Curriculum Meetings Open to Membership

Make topic/speaker suggestions.

Join our Curriculum meetings to hear about upcoming speakers/events. Make suggestions on topics or speakers you’d like to see SSQ present.