Senior Scholars Committees


Help determine topics and locate/contact speakers for our meetings. Periodic meetings scheduled.

Curriculum Chair: Steve Gilbert, First Vice President 
Great Decisions Board Chair 2022: Ken Brown

Suggestions for Presenters

Arrangements and Social

Arrive before Friday meetings to help prepare, set up and (later) clean up coffee and tea service for members. Volunteers rotate one meeting per month.

Board Chair 2021: Carol Kesmodel

Wildacres Retreat

Our annual spring learning (and social) retreat in the lovely North Carolina Mountains. An engaging speaker leads several learning sessions. There are also social get-togethers, including a voluntary member talent show. Committee members primarily assist in proposing/contacting speakers and leading onsite social activities. Periodic meetings scheduled.

Committee Chairs:  Jim Renger*, Jeanne Smith*, Wade Alley, Advisor


Help prior to Friday meetings to enroll new members and renew existing members.

Board Chair 2023: Pam Nemecek
  Database: Sue Gill


Create and maintain a member website including researching best technical solutions. Assist Technical Services with surveys and support during virtual meetings.

Maintain an email database, create and send membership email communication. 

Board Chair 2022: Mitzi Czapla

Technical Advisor: Alan Matthews

Member Email Distribution: Chris Pouler 

Website Administrator: Position Available

Technical Services

Run Virtual Zoom Webinars, edit recordings and operate audio/visual equipment during meetings. 

Board Chair 2021: Gordon Haymond

Co Chair: Alan Matthews

With assistance from Jin Wang

Production of the Speaker and Announcement Slide decks: Aimee Hite


Board Chair 2021: Carolyn Kibler
Members: Bill Thomas & Walt Romano, Past Presidents

Field Trip

Help with planning and leading periodic outings.

Board Chair 2023: John Ferguson


Board Chair 2022: Pam Nemecek

Church Liaison

 Board Chair 2023: Jane Howard, Bruce Kenyon


Lunch Bunch

    BG Metzler*


Tom McPherson*

Board Approved Procedures: * Coordinators may be members of the Board of Directors, but do not have to be and do not have voting rights, unless conferred by the President.

See a committee you would like to join? Contact the appropriate Committee Chair.

Contact information for Committee Chairs can be found in the Senior Scholars Directory.