Senior Scholars Committees

Curriculum Committee

Determine topics and locate/contact speakers for Friday meetings.
Chair: Jane Howard, First Vice President
Program Managers:
Arts – Open
Business/Government – Open
Great Decisions: Ken Orenbach
Health – Bill Thomas
Science – Carlos Glender

Future Speakers

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Field Trip Committee

Plan and lead periodic outings.
Co-Chairs: BG Metzler and Carol Kesmodel

Lunch Bunch Committee

Arrange periodic luncheons.
Chair: BG Metzler

Marketing Committee

Develop and distribute printed and electronic materials to increase community awareness, develop strategies to non-members that support increased membership and build the organization’s representation to better reflect the diversity of the Charlotte community.

Chair: Don Campbell (Second Vice President)
With assistance from Patty Kahle, Nancy Stancill, Mary Gilbert, BG Metzler and Bob Metzler.

Membership & Directory Committee

Prior to Friday meetings, enroll new members and renew existing members.
Chair: Pam Nemecek
Database: Sue Gill, Sophie Marshall, Adele Samson
Support: Bob Metzler

Membership Committee Members Only

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This is password protected.

Moderators Committee

At Friday meetings, manage Q&A session by gathering questions from Zoom participants, directing in-person attendees to microphone and generating own questions for speaker.
Chair: Carol Kesmodel

Nominating Committee

Identify and select nominees each year for a slate of three At-Large Directors and a Second Vice President for the coming year.

Chair: Don Campbell
Members are the current Chairs of the following committees: Membership, Technical, Website and Wildacres Committees

Queens University Liaisons

Meet with Queens University administrators and seek cooperation on matters of mutual interest.
Bob Metzler – Senior Scholars
Robert Koch, Sr – Queens University

Social Committee

Before Friday meetings, prepare, set up and (later) clean up coffee and tea service for members. Volunteers rotate one meeting per month. Plan and arrange Fall and Spring luncheons.
Chair: Sheri Knaebel

Ad Hoc 50th Anniversary Committee (2023): Arrange special events, including a Spring luncheon, commemorating Senior Scholar’s half century of providing learning and socializing opportunities for Charlotte area seniors.
Chair: Eileen Griggs with assistance from Patty Kahle and Nancy Stancill

Technical Committee

Run Virtual Zoom Webinars, edit recordings and operate audio/visual equipment during Friday meetings.
Chair: Gordon Haymond
Co-Chair: Alan Matthews, with assistance from Jin Wang, Bill Nemecek and Ollie Frazier
Production of the Speaker and Announcement Slide decks: Aimee Hite

Webmaster & Email Committee

Create and maintain a member website including researching best technical solutions. Assist Technical Services with surveys and support during virtual meetings. Maintain an email database, create and send membership email communication.
Chair: Aimee Hite
Member Email Distribution: Open
Website Administrator: Aimee Hite

Wildacres Retreat Committee

Plan and manage multi-day annual spring learning (and social) retreat in the North Carolina Mountains. Assist in proposing/contacting speakers and leading onsite social activities. Periodic meetings scheduled.
Chair: Jeanne Smith

Venue Liaison

Meet with Venue Representative and report to Board on matters affecting the venue.

Chair: John Koch

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Curriculum Meetings Open to Membership

Join our Curriculum meetings to hear about upcoming speakers/events. Make suggestions on topics or speakers you can contact to speak to our membership.  

Go to our Upcoming Events page to register. Look for the “Curriculum Meeting with Jane Howard” event.