Tuesday,  December 4th @ 1 pm

The Charlotte Museum of History &

The Hezekiah Alexander Home Site

3500 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215

Cost: $5

Leaving from the Providence United Methodist Church 

we meet in the lower parking lot @12:30

(but we expect many members to meet us there)

We will have a guide for a tour lasting one and half hours.

The Museum is the steward of the ca. 1774 Hezekiah Alexander Home Site, a National Register of Historic Places site, and places an emphasis on the settlement of the Carolina Backcountry and the ideas and events that led to the American Revolution. The Alexander House is the last extant home of a framer of North Carolina's 1776 Constitution and Bill of Rights and the oldest surviving house in Mecklenburg County. In addition to the house, the Alexander home site contains a reproduction log kitchen, reconstructed two-story springhouse and log barn.ouble-click the text box and begin editing.


  • Solving the Rock House Mysteries
  • Charlotte Neighborhoods
  • On the Way To Here: Adventures in Photography, Music, and Life
  • Keeping Watch on Water: Looking Back at our City of Creeks
  • A Focus on SportB
  • Backcountry Gallery

 When leaving from the Queens University Sports Complex

We meet in the parking lot.

Directions and map

 Leaving from the Providence United Methodist Church

We meet beside the gazebo in the parking lot.

Organized and Coordinated by John Ferguson