April 26th, 10 AM

 Judge Eric Levinson


Belmont Abbey - Monastery


Meets Weekly Friday 10 AM - 11 AM
at the Providence United Methodist Church.

Founded in 1973, Senior Scholars is an organization for seniors and retirees where members meet weekly to hear prominent speakers on a variety of interesting topics.  Don't let the Scholars title scare you.  An academic degree is not required, only your interest in learning.

Senior Scholars welcomes retirees to a new learning experience! In Charlotte, senior citizens are known for their vitality, love of learning and desire to give back to their community.  This is an organization that offers welcoming fellowship and wonderful opportunities to broaden your intellectual perspective and improve your understanding of international, national, and local issues and subjects of interest.

The views expressed by presenters at Senior Scholars meetings or functions are not necessarily those of Senior Scholars nor our Board of Directors.


Four rooms available - if interested, Contact Jeanne Smith


Interested in Joining the Senior Scholars Leadership Team?

Attend the Curriculum and Board meetings to learn more. The next meetings are on May 8th, 1:30 pm and 2 pm, in PUMC room 106.

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Topic: Contrasting rule of law and justice experiences in North Carolina with those in international regions